Star Citizen Around The Verse Episode Highlights Procedural Construct Tools, Emergent Gameplay
Star Citizen

The latest episode of Around The Verse for Star Citizen started off with a look at some emergent PvP scenarios that players have been diving into now that 3.2.0 is live. The episode isn’t very long and has been part of the recent trend of having short videos for Around The Verse. However, the shorter episodes seem to be in line with the fact that streamlined development has made it where there isn’t a whole lot of new content being added right now until the next major quarterly release is made available.

The episode teases and hints at some new ships being in development, along with the status on the new planets set to be included in alpha 3.3.0.

They did talk briefly about the procedural construct tools, which have been improved for the development pipeline of Star Citizen. allows developers to quickly generate rest stops, which is replacing the old procedural generation tools that the team had been using last year. The procedural construct tools make it easy for the designers to fill in the rest stops with props and arrange the interiors with interactive objects and liveries using a windowed GUI instead of having to manually set everything up through the code.

The rest stops are still a ways off from release, but the streamlined construct tools will allow the gameplay designers to implement a lot more rest stops and sprinkle them throughout the Staten system.

Hurston and its moons are being planned to be implemented right now, but the team is trying to make sure that the planet and its moons are added to the Staten system in both a realistic and entertaining way. They don’t want to make things too cramped just in the same way they don’t want to make the planet so far out that it makes the game less fun or too boring.

Right now a lot of people are already looking forward to the improved performances and reduced resource load on end-user machines with the 3.3 release of the object container streaming. This will
greatly improve load times, increase overall average FPS, and give gamers more bang for the buck as far as playability is concerned.

You can learn more about Star Citizen and its development by checking out the official website.


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