Star Citizen Medical Gameplay, Security Checks In Development
Star Citizen Medical Gameplay

Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries rolled out another weekly update for the developmental progress of Star Citizen. The latest video update for the space-faring simulator is slightly longer than the last two episodes, but still so much shorter than what you may have been used to in prior months. In a way, this is somewhat good because faster progress, more progress, and fewer larger developmental roadblocks means that the game is coming along and spending lest time in the oven.

The newest video starts with another emergent player event, featuring a 25 vs 25 PvP map on a station. They also showcased a mining contest hosted by their German playerbase. The video then moves over to the development on the procedural Scramble race in the game. The checkpoint scramble race is similar to the race modes in the older Halo game.

The Scramble races will also be available for both hover and wheel-based vehicles in Star Citizen. You can check out the video below to see what they’ve added so far.

The team is currently working on quite a few different important developments for Star Citizen, including the ability to rent weapons for the Star Marine and Arena Commander modes, as well as enhanced procedural audio processing for objects and entities used within the persistent universe based on their material properties.

The more interesting aspects of the Around The Verse episode centered on some fascinating developments in the pipeline at the moment, most of which are in the white box testing phase, which means that first-pass geometry work and architecture is in place but further refinements to the design needs to be made and texture work, lighting modules, and aesthetic form factors need to be ironed out before finalization.

Star Citizen - Apollo Triage Medical Ship

White box testing also means that development on those particular aspects can range between weeks or a couple of months before finalization, so it gives you an idea of where the team is with certain features.

All of that being said, there are some awesome features in development, including the Apollo Triage, a medical ship that is designed for transporting patients or rescuing those who are in need of medical aid.

There’s actually a complete walkthrough of the new medical ship and its specifications provided by YouTuber BoredGamer, which you can check out below.

Interestingly enough, there will also be drones that can be used to pick up and retrieve injured individuals, so medical staff won’t have to leave the ship to retrieve the injured.

The Apollo medical ship will also be able to scan for wounded, perform ship-to-ship docking, and even have enough room in the cargo hold for a small vessel, such as a Dragonfly.

Additionally, there’s some other really cool features in development, such as persistent universe lockers that will allow you to store and retrieve items from around the PU.

The mass transit system is still in concept phase but moving close to white box testing.

The habitats and security checkpoints are both in actual white box testing, and the team is already ironing out how the systems will work when implemented into the overall persistent universe of Star Citizen.

The neat part about the security checks is that they will replace the current policing system available in the game.

Star Citizen - Security Check

When you go into a security check it will check if you’re a criminal or if you have a bounty on your head. They don’t specifically say what will happen to you if you fail to pass the security check, but it will definitely make things interesting for those who are wanted and dangerous.

Those features are all still in development so don’t expect them to appear anytime soon. However, you at least have an idea of how far along they are (or how far out they are) from release.

For more info on the development of Star Citizen, feel free to visit the official website.


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