STAY, Dramatic Pixel Thriller Heads To PS4, Nintendo Switch This Summer
STAY Horror Game

PQube announced that STAY, the drama thriller that originally launched this past spring for PC and Xbox One, will be making its debut on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 at some point this summer.

The company may have suffered a major loss in not being able to release Omega Labyrinth Z on the PS4 and PS Vita in the West thanks to meddling from Sony, but they’re hoping to recoup some small sense of the losses with the thriller STAY, which is set to arrive on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch before the quarter is out.

The game is actually really unique, insofar that it’s a little like a mix between the films Cellular, Buried, SAW and One Point O rolled into a tight little pixel-packed thriller.

Players take on the role of… well, themselves. They interact with a therapist named Quinn who finds himself trapped in a little room with nothing but a computer. His only form of interaction is via a chat room where you, the player, will attempt to help guide him out of his predicament. How you interact with him determines where he lives or dies a horrific death.

When Quinn isn’t at the computer chatting with you, he’ll move away and examine his surroundings or attempt to carry out your instructions. During this time CCTV style cameras will watch his every move, and you’ll be able to see what he’s up to.

Michael Fisher, the product manager at PQube, mentioned in the press release that it was the unique approach that Spanish development team, Appnormals Team, took to designing the game that made them seek out publishing the title on more platforms…

“It’s an approach that poses some interesting questions for the player. Indeed, it becomes quickly apparent that what Quinn does away from the PC – which is all monitored by CCTV – is as important to the mystery behind STAY as what he says when he’s at his keyboard. The game is also played out in real time, so every moment the player spends away from their console or PC is a moment Quinn is left to his own devices. Will he survive without you?”

The combination of real-time interaction with players either commanding or cajoling Quinn into doing their bidding. Alternatively you could take it easy and see how things go by simply keeping Quinn company.

STAY isn’t just about chatting, though. You’ll also have to solve some puzzles, a few of which are simple and some of which have deadly outcomes.

It seems like an interesting title, and definitely a departure from some of the other typical indie games we’ve been seeing released lately.

You can look for STAY right now on the Xbox One or PC, or check it out when it launches this summer for the Nintendo Switch and PS4.


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