Steel Rats Video Shows Behind The Scenes Of Making A Real Life Screamer Robot
Steel Rats

Tate Multimedia released a new behind-the-scenes video for the upcoming 2.5D action-racing game, Steel Rats. The video covers the prop team from The Ride Again Workshop’s design process behind building a real-life version of the Screamer junker robot from the game, which is one of the main villains in the diesel-punk action title.

The video isn’t very long, nor does it contain much in the way of actual gameplay from Steel Rats. Instead we see a handful of the team members from The Ride Again Workshop assembling the junker bot with a number of parts and metal pieces, rounding out the display with a bunch of television screens that actually work. It took the team 90 days to finish it using 500 pieces of steel and five LCD monitors. In fact, at the end of the little demonstration we get to see people actually playing Tate Multimedia’s Steel Rats on the television screens at EGX Rezzed in London, England, as well as at Pixel Heaven in Poland.

According to the press release, the 10-foot tall display will also make its way to this year’s GamesCom set to take place in August in Cologne, Germany.

Unfortunately the real-life display isn’t actually a mech and doesn’t move around on its own.

In the actual game we also don’t get to see it in action, but we do get to see snippets and clips from the CG sequence featuring the Screamer.

Basically it’s a quadrupedal robot with a bunch of television screens with facial parts on them that scream at the player. It’s 10 feet tall and approximately one ton. Its design looks very similar to the robot from the action-horror film, Virus.

As for the game itself… it hasn’t been featured in the media all that much, but it is managing to win over some of the gaming media thanks to the game attempting to meet the “diversity” criteria that the media craves.

Polish studio Tate Multimedia probably thought that they could try to appeal the game to game journalists by showcasing “diversity”, but all it did was turn off a lot of potential consumers to the title.

The better way about would have been to make a fun game for the actual hardcore audience (sort of like what Warhorse Studios did with Kingdom Come: Deliverance) and then bring in some YouTubers to play the game and show it off. It worked wonders for Bennett Foddy’s Getting Over It.

Anyway, Steel Rats is due for release during the fourth quarter of 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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