The Farm 51 Teases World War 3 Off-Screen In-Game Footage

World War 3 will be present at Gamescom 2018, but before that event goes live and before the release of the gameplay trailer that’s being heavily worked on by the devs goes up, The Farm 51 shipped out a new off-screen video showing some interesting in-game footage.

Without wasting any time, you can check out the newly posted off-screen gameplay footage of World War 3 teased by The Farm 51 right here:

If you haven’t noticed, some of the UI displays things about the game ahead of Gamescom 2018 and the gameplay trailer.

Firstly, the image depicted below unveils options such as Community, Customize, World Map, and Settings. This information lets us know that community engagement options, character/soldier customization, the act of viewing the world map, and changing controls and other settings is a thing.

The next image reveals that tanks can opt out and switch up their Primary turret and Secondary turret in the customization menu, and other things such as Chassis Armor, Active Armor, Grenades, and the Engine. It’ll be interesting to see how many parts will be available at launch.

The next image reveals the UI setup or the HUD (Heads Up Display) in World War 3. The health bar and body armor (helmet and chest protection) sit at the bottom left-hand corner, while the compass is centered atop, ammunition and bullet type (which the player is using FMJ rounds) reside at the bottom right, stationed at the top-left hand corner is the map, and Battle Points are at the bottom center of the screen.

The next screenshot from the off-screen reel shows weapon types, firearms, and bullet drop-off damage. Out of the three, there will be shotguns, sub-machine guns, pistols, light machine guns (and more).

The second point reveals shotguns such as the VEPR, and the Remington 870. As for sub-machine guns, the Saiga 9, MPX, and Glauberyt PM-06 will be in the game. Pistols include the PL 34, the Glock 17, and the RAD 2. Lastly, light machine guns sport the PKP Bullpup and the M06.

The third point shows a graph, much like the Battlefield series of games, where damage drop-off based on meters/distance will be a thing. Other statistics can be changed which includes Recoil, Damage, Reload Speed, Equip Speed and so on.

As shown in the Announcement trailer at 1:29, World War 3 sports a prone mechanic like Rainbow Six Siege. This allows players to shoot and crawl forward, backward, and sideways to get in a position to take out opposing forces more efficiently.

As of right now, The Farm 51 is working on World War 3′s official gameplay trailer, while we wait for that to ship the game will go through an early access phase, which is assumed to be the beta set for July or August. This phase will be open to players for feedback and refinement on PC via Steam.


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