The Mooseman, Uralic Mythological Adventure Launches For Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One
The Mooseman

Russian developers Vladimir Beletsky and Mikhail Shvachko released The Mooseman last year in February of 2017 on Steam for PC. The myth-heavy adventure game dives deep into the Uralic mythology of the Komi-Zyrian tribes from northeast region of Russia, and it’s now available for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

The side-scrolling adventure title sees players assuming the role of an extra-dimensional being known as The Mooseman. The game sees you having to travel through three different planes of the metaverse, starting first with the lower world of the endless ocean, then moving on to the middle world of the Perm chud’ tribes, and then finally traveling to the upper world of ancient Old Ones.

The game is pretty out there, but it gives gamers a visual look at what old Russian folklore looks like in the form of a very surreal gaming experience. You can check out the gameplay trailer below to see what the gameplay is like.

It’s hard to make out exactly how you play, but we see the Mooseman traveling through some crazy looking scenarios involving some of the ancient gods, a few mystical places where the Mooseman transforming into an animal, and discovering some of the roots behind the myths of the finno-ugric tribes.

The Mooseman has the power to see through the fabric of reality and witness the layers of the universe hidden to human eyes.

It’s weird but they don’t say what the Mooseman does or what he’s trying to do. You’ll need to complete puzzles, find artifacts in the hidden world, and attempt to solve the riddles.

You’ll also need to unlock new abilities along the way in order to reach the upper world.

This game reminds me a little bit of a mix between The Deer God and Never Alone.

If you’re interested in picking up a digital copy, you can do so from the Nintendo eShop, the PlayStation Store or the Xbox Store for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, or Xbox One.


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