There is No Tomorrow, But There’s Always Time For More Lore
There is no Tomorrow

Not sure how he did it, but as if playing high-school wasn’t enough responsibility already, Leon’s managed to transport himself to the future.

Normally that would give him something to brag about in the cafeteria but as it turns out, it’s brought him a bit of trouble. For one thing the future’s far from idyllic (surprise, surprise!). In fact it’s filled with the sort of hideous beasts and savage persons that Leon claims to have never seen before.

What’s more disconcerting is the fact that he’s given a choice between stealth – action to solve puzzles and the overarching mystery at hand. True, the fact that everything will transpire in third-person is of some relief to the game’s system of scavenging for melee weapons, traps, ammunition and assorted distractions.

But Leon isn’t even out of school yet, can barely handle his grades let a lone a gun, and is naturally not very likely to survive enemies that are said to very fast and capable of high damage. Yeah, players will most likely be dead after a few hits, Choo Bin Yong of KOEX Studio says.

I’m not happy however that despite calling itself heavily story-oriented with choices and multiple endings, there’s not any more emphasis being laid on lore in the eyes of the public. At most I’m told that it will contain multiple chapters, half of which will be inside Leon’s school, while the Steam teaser reveals a secondary character.

No previews of cutscenes, dialogues or other characters even, making There is No Tomorrow seem very desolate for the moment. It still might be too early to judge, however, especially when the single-handed progress it’s made over the past year is considered.

Here’s what the game looked like on Steam Greenlight, circa 2017. It was then called Anti-Cast, was quickly greenlit, and supposed to launch a Kickstarter the same year after a positively received GameJolt demo and Indie Prize showcase.

Somewhere, and for good reason, Bin Yong thought it wise to subject the game to a name and graphical overhaul to bring it to the state that it is currently at.

Which, he admits, needs much polish and testing. There was talk of a Kickstarter earlier this year too but that’s since evolved into a Patreon page; other minor details you might be interested in is that Leon will have 4 types of ranged weapons to play with, spider sense and a notebook to sketch/collect thoughts upon.

Although the game’s past its original early 2018 release I’m not worried. I’d rather Bin Yong took his time, let us in on what the narrative will demand, and focused on conveying what really makes There is No Tomorrow stand apart.

More so when it’s calling The Last of Us, Life is Strange and Metal Gear Solid inspirations. What else would you like to see? Let him know.


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