Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity, Bullet-Hell 3D Platformer Launches On Steam For $14.99
Touhou Project

Marvelous Entertainment and XSeed Games announced that the bullet-hell adventure game, Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity, is currently available right now on the Steam store for $14.99.

During the launch week you’ll be able to get the game for 10% off the normal price, but you’ll only have a limited time to jump in on the deal.

The game is a fast-paced, 60fps bullet-hell shooter with resolution support for up to 4K. So you’ll be frantically fixing your fingers across the keyboard while looking at the game in the highest resolution possible.

Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity is a standalone story based on the characters from the Touhou Project. It stars two characters, the vampire Remilia Scarlet and her devoted maid, Sakuya Izayoi. The duo go out in search of adventure, specifically to find and hunt down a monster terrorizing the town as a way to sate Remilia’s incessant sense of boredom. However, after searching for the monster and being unsuccessful, the duo return home only to find that the monster has attacked Remilia’s manor. The two then set off on an adventure to hunt down this mysterious beast and bring it to justice.

The gameplay in Touhou: Sacrlet Curiosity mixes in bullet-hell shooting with 3D platforming, along with RPG-style exploration.

The developers took inspiration from the Ys series by adopting a similar viewing perspective instead of the traditional Touhou top-down approach most gamers are used to.

Even though it’s an indie game, it actually looks really good for what it sets out to do. The boss fights are very reminiscent of those from Furi, relying on timing and reflexes to dodge the attacks and time your counters in order to defeat the various bosses.

It’s a shame it’s not on, but if you don’t have a PS4 and you want to grab a copy on PC, you can do so right now by visiting the Steam store.


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