Transports Cheats Unlock Infinite Amounts Of Money
Rise of Industry Cheats

Jens P. Behrens’ Transports originally launched into Early Access on Steam back in January of 2018. The game has steadily been moving through the developmental process as Behrens modifies, updates, and upgrades the gameplay experience themed around building out the transportation infrastructure within a sandbox map. If you find yourself wanting to get ahead without having to put in a ton of work to make the cash, there are some cheats available for you.

The first cheat trainer can be downloaded for free from over on the page.

The trainer comes in both free and premium formats and features the following cheats for Transports:

  • Prepare for cheats (in financial overview)
  • +100,000 Money
  • +500,000 Money
  • +5,000,000 Money
  • Unlimited Money

Now the first cheat is to prepare the game to enable the cheats. So you’ll need to do this first, which will locate and activate the appropriate memory address to alter your money, and then once you complete that phase you can then activate the money cheats so that you can build out whatever kind of transportation utopia you have in mind.

Transports allows you to build out bus routes, train tracks, truck lines, flight paths, and shipping routes. You’ll have a number of different transportation options at your disposal, moving goods from one route to another as you build out the infrastructure and work with manufacturers in order to acquire better vehicle variants and improve your delivery times and transportation routes.

Much like other strategy games out there, you’ll need to invest time and money into research in order to acquire the best laid plans to expand your empire and become a master of transportation.

The game boasts 40 different goods to deliver between 39 different industries and a smattering of cities. The game is expected to stay in Early Access up to a year, so it may be graduating at some point in early 2019.

You can learn more or pick up a copy from over on the Steam store for $17.99.


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