Truck Simulator America Closed Beta Sign-Ups Are Live
Truck Simulator America

Ahead of the fourth quarter release for Truck Simulator America, publisher Astragon Entertainment and developer Jujubee Games will host a closed beta test for gamers between August 6th and August 12th next month. Those who are interested in participating in the beta test ahead of the game’s launch will be able to do so by visiting the official beta sign-up page.

The game is being designed as a successor to TruckSimulation 16, which originally released on smart devices and mobile phones. The upcoming game will also launch for iOS and Android operating systems, featuring new player management options, and improved graphics over its predecessor.

The game features licensed trucks from U.S., truck brands, including Kenworth and Mack, along with fully 3D modeled truck cabins and locations sprawled across real life U.S., highways in a large-scale sandbox map. You can see what the gameplay is like with the teaser trailer below.

The in-engine visuals don’t look bad in the trailer, but I tend to doubt that the full game will look like that in real-time on an iPad or Galaxy S5.

Anyway, the game is basically designed to be the mobile version of Euro Truck Simulator or American Truck Simulator, just without the in-depth bells and visual whistles that make the other games from SRS Software so iconic.

Either way, it doesn’t really hurt to sign-up and give the game a try assuming you’re into games about cross-country cargo hauling and messing around with American-made trucks while you absorb the mobile-quality visual fidelity pelting you from the scope of a six and a half inch screen.

As mentioned, there’s no release date set for Truck Simulator America just yet. The game will receive its closed beta test in August, and if all goes well you can expect the full launch before 2018 is out.


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