Trump’s Space Force Comic Racks Up $15,000 In 48 Hours On IndieGoGo
Trump's Space Force

This article could be a bit premature in newsworthiness given that even though it’s just been two days since Timothy Lim’s Trump’s Space Force comic went live on IndieGoGo but it’s already racked up $15,000 in crowdfunding, and it’s possible the campaign could skyrocket in popularity. Heck, it’s likely that it could end up being another runaway success similar to the Jawbreakers comic book, or Ethan Van Sciver’s Cyberfrog, especially since Trump’s Space Force still has an entire month to go before the crowdfunding drive ends!

The comic is exactly what you would expect, a satirical action romp following President Donald J. Trump and his merry band of alien-stomping soldiers as they clobber the violent invaders from the outer sphere space invaders.

You can check out the pitch video for the comic below.

As mentioned in the video, Lim is working with Chuck Dixon, Brett Smith, and Mark Pellegrini.

The comic book is pretty ridiculous, but it’s the over-the-top element of Trump and other MAGA allies battling space aliens on a giant space ship that looks like the Statue of Liberty turned into the NRA’s wet dream for what could only be described as the galactic cannon of liberty.

The 40 page comic book is expected to be delivered to comic book fans by November, 2018. A number of special items are also going to be included with the backing of the higher tiers, including a MAGA camp, a space Trump statue, a giant poster, or even the opportunity to find yourself featured in the comic by pledging $1,000.

Trump's Space Force - Poster

According to Bounding Into Comics a number of cameos will also help round out the action in the comic, including Jake Posobiec, Fox Business Network’s Charles Payne, Donald Trump Jr., and even “Rags” from the Rags comic book starring Liz Finnegan, yes the same Liz from #GamerGate.

Crazy, I know.

So far, the independent comic scene has been bustling with a lot of support from comic book fans starved for some good, action-packed fun. Marvel and DC have been too far focused on virtue signaling and pushing for diversity agendas to actually work on good comic books.

So for those of you interested in checking out Trump’s Space Force, you can do so right now by visiting the IndieGoGo page.


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