Vigor, Scandinavian Survival Game Enters Beta For Xbox One Insiders


If you’re an Xbox One insider, you’ll be able to participate in Bohemia Interactive’s Scandinavian survival game, Vigor. You can hop into the beta if you’re an Insider or curious how the survival game plays out ahead of its official release.

Details on the Vigor beta dropped over on the Xbox Newswire, where they explained that the third-person or first-person survival game will be allow you to experience life in a post-apocalyptic setting taking place in Scandinavia.

If you only care about getting into the beta, the details are below.

How To Join The Vigor Xbox Insider Beta Test

First thing is first, you need to sign into your Xbox Live account and then open up the Xbox Insider Hub from your Xbox One dashboard.

Next, navigate through the Insider Content and cycle over to the “Vigor Beta”.

Select to join the beta and it will take you to the store page where you can download the Vigor beta client.

That’s it, you’re done.

The game is like any other open-world, sandbox survival game. You’ll start as an outlander looking to survive the harsh reality of a post-apocalyptic society where everyone is trying to kill you, resources are thin, and the only law of the land is how quick you can drop the hammer on your rifle.

YouTuber OperatorDrewski did a video about the game, and mostly just ripped the Unreal Engine 4-powered shooter a new one.

They don’t mention much about the gameplay details or mechanics, buy I imagine those will be on display during the livestream.

I can definitely understand the apprehension of some gamers, who likely feel as if Vigor could end up becoming another DayZ, where the game is stuck in development hell and can’t ever crawl out of alpha access. We’ll see how well Bohemia handles the Unreal Engine 4-powered survival title once the beta opens up for more gamers than just Xbox Insiders.

You can learn about when the livestream will take place and what info they’ll have to share by checking out their Twitter page.

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