Warface, Battle Royale FPS Debuts On Xbox One In September
Warface Xbox One

Crytek’s Warface has been around for a long time but it never really seemed to catch on due to a lot of scattered releases, inconsistent regional support, and shutting down the game’s servers on various platforms. Well, now Crytek is trying to bring the game back by porting it to the Xbox One come September.

Microsoft rolled out a trailer for the PvP FPS, featuring a minute and a half of gameplay from the half-decade old shooter.

It plays on a lot of the futuristic gameplay mechanics that were all the rage when Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Titanfall first came onto the scene; exoskeletal power-armor giving soldiers the ability to cloak, kick, shoot, punch, and hit a lot harder than they normally would while also opening up their movement and agility to take advantage of some verticality elements.

You can see the repackaged version of the gameplay with the Xbox One announcement trailer below, but it’s also quite telling how dated the game looks in action.

What’s interesting is that the trailer tries to make it look as if there’s a robust single-player campaign attached, but it’s just a PvP game with some added PvE modes tossed in to help flesh out the gameplay variety. There are eight missions you can play with a couple of buddies that do have some story elements, but it’s no different than the PvE story missions featured in games like Alliance of Valiant Arms or Combat Arms.

But majority of the game will center around the team deathmatch, demolition, and CTF-style modes. You’ll also have access to hundreds of weapons and attachments, four different character classes, and 50 different maps.

After Crytek closed down the Xbox 360 version of the game back in 2014, as reported by True Achievements, they focused on adding a lot more content to the PC version of the game, which is published by My.com.

Warface - Burning Swords

Microsoft doesn’t say if the Xbox One version of the game will contain all of the latest updates from the PC version of Warface currently on Steam; I would like to hope that it contains all of the latest updates, weapons, maps, and modes from the PC version of the game when it launches this September for the Xbox One.

The PC version also recently received a somewhat half-arsed Battle Royale mode, so I imagine Microsoft wanted the game on the Xbox One given that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is losing players quicker than the Democrats are expected to lose seats in November. And having more Battle Royale games on your console can’t hurt, right?

Just keep an eye out on the Xbox Store this September for Warface on the Xbox One. Alternatively, you can check out the free-to-play version over on the Steam store.


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