Warframe Railjack Video Previews Upcoming Multi-Crew Space Battles

During this year’s TennoCon there were some huge announcements dropped for Warframe, including a Nintendo Switch port and a new expansion called Fortuna. There were also a few other big announcements at the event, including the co-op space battles codenamed Railjack.

An 11 minute video highlights the new space missions, where we see bombardments taking place from orbit by star destroyers.

In order to stop the star destroyers, players will need to use the multi-crew space system. You can call down the ship and access the console command in order to fly from the planet’s surface up into space. There’s a very impressive sequence showcasing the ground to space travel, which you can check out below.

The multi-crew ship requires some measure of teamwork. The pilot helms from the front of the ship while the two other crew members man the turrets on the side of the ship and attempt to kill the fighters.

The whole space battle sequence is like a larger scale version of Pandemic Studios’ Star Wars: Battlefront 2 from 13 years ago. You’ll need to take out the interceptors to prevent them destroying your ship or latching onto your ship and boarding it. If they manage to board your ship you’ll have to leave your position and kill the invaders.

Warframe - Capital Ship

Much like Star Wars: Battlefront 2, you can’t just blow up the capital ship by peppering it from the front. You’ll need to destroy the shields and disable the barriers and the reactor within the ship. This requires literal cooperative teamwork between players; one player will need to hack the capital ship’s systems and disable the barriers leading toward the shield reactor, while another group of players need to fend off the interceptors during the dogfight, while another player will need to destroy the barriers inside the ship.

When the shields are down and the target is locked players will need to access the console system and destroy the capital ship by putting full power into the weapons system and using a large scale beam attack to destroy the target.

Meanwhile, the player on the capital ship will need to exit as quickly as possible before the ship blows up. The Archwing can be used to fly from the capital ship back to the ship.

The multi-crew system is very similar to Star Citizen’s setup, but it captures the spirit and intensity of the original Star Wars: Battlefront 2 space battle maps.

Additionally, they will be adding all new open-world maps, including the Fortuna map on Venus. This will be accompanied by the new K-Drive hoverboard transportation system, and all new boss fights against giant spiders.

The teaser trailer showcases the new Blade Runner-inspired city as well as a few of the new locations you’ll be able to explore.

This new space battle system will arrive in the Warframe: Fortuna update as part of the ongoing expansion for the free-to-play third-person shooter later on in 2018.


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