Wild Sheep Studio Is Still “Working Hard” On PS4 Exclusive Game WiLD

Depending on the gaming communities you visit, WiLD is considered to be vaporware. However, Michel Ancel from Ubisoft recently gave an update on the upcoming open-world survival adventure game developed by Wild Sheep Studio and published by SIE. The PS4 exclusive title was announced in 2014 at Gamescom and still has no set release date.

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything about WiLD. As of recent, though, we learn that the game set during the Neolithic period in a procedurally generated world is still in development.

In this game, you can control different animals by using shaman-like powers. After possessing an animal, you can then use its skills to your advantage — whether it be for scoping out a place or fighting.

With that said, you can check out the 2014 description and trailer of WiLD right here:

“WiLD™ is a survival adventure game devoted to the wilderness. Set 10,000 years ago when nature and humanity were one. Experiment with your surroundings in your quest for survival – a simple plant could just as easily save your life… or bring about a swift death.”

Now that you’re caught up on all things WiLD, less than a week ago a curious fan wanted to know if Michal Ancel and crew are still working on the game. The certain Instagram user danialkamal99’s question lies below:

“love the work you’ve showed so far in Beyond Good and Evil 2, but I would like to ask, are you still working on WiLD or is it put on hold for the time being. Either way, keep up the great work you’ve been doing!”

To which Ancel replied to the above with the following:

“Yep, Still working hard on it 🤙”

Last year (2017) Ancel also confirmed that WiLD is using the in-house “Linguini engine” developed by Wild Sheep Studio with the help of Pastagames Studio — a small company based in Paris, France.

With that said, are you looking forward to WiLD after learning that Ancel and crew are still working on it or no?


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