World War 3 Mods Support Is Possible After Early Access

Mods can really help old video games transcend into the future. Mods can also help newer games, too, in that they spice up content that would otherwise be considered uninteresting. Well, it looks like The Farm 51 is considering the likelihood of mods in World War 3 after its Early Access run.

If you don’t know, World War 3 will release on PC first, and if it does well then a console version (PS4 and Xbox One) will be considered. However, it looks like the PC version after Early Access could also support mods.

We know this because of DANNYonPC wanted to know if World War 3 is inspired by the Battlefield franchise, to which one of the devs replied that the team is a big fan of older BF games:

A certain Twitter user took advantage of this moment to bring up how older BF games support mods and if World War 3 will be the same. The following query and answer lie below:

We can tell that The Farm 51 is fans of older Battlefield games given that they don’t seem (in a jokingly way) too fond of Battlefield V and “blue face paint” and “arm prosthetics,” as seen below:

Furthermore, it looks like folks who are into custom server hosting won’t find it in the Early Access build of the game, but the team is considering it for the future. In addition, dedicated servers will be used in World War 3 matches, but there will be no server browser for the Early Access start.

As of right now, The Farm 51 is working on World War 3′s official gameplay trailer, while we wait for that to ship the game will go through an early access phase and will later have a beta set to go live in July or August. This phase will be open to players for feedback and refinement on PC via Steam.


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