World War 3 Will Not Have Bots In Early Access, Weapon Skin Patterns Teased

The Farm 51 will showcase how customization will work in World War 3 next week, but ahead of that, the devs dropped images of the Russian AK-12 (2014) CCCP skins, and information that bots will not be in the Early Access build of the game.

There’s no doubt that The Farm 51 has a lot of people’s attention regarding World War 3 — whether you like the game or not. According to every tweet the devs post, well-known content creators from different communities (mainly EA and DICE’s Battlefield games) comment on them.

Well, it looks like the Polish team behind Get Even wants to capitalize on the attention World War 3 has been getting by pumping out tidbits of info on the game.

The latest bite-sized info is that bots will not appear in the Early Access build of World War 3. However, this does not rule out that the team cannot add them in the full game after Early Access.

Moving on, if you happen to be one that likes to ogle at skins and different external paint on your weapons or firearms, do know that World War 3 will support just that. It’s unclear how skins will be at this point and time, in terms of how whacky (shiny gold) or settle (factory colors) they’ll be? Time will tell at launch, but you can get a glimpse right here:

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Finally, The Farm 51 will bring World War 3 to Gamescom 2018 where you will not only be able to view the game but play it, too. Ahead of World War 3’s showing at the August games event, the devs will reveal a gameplay trailer sometime soon, so stay tuned to the team’s YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

World War 3 is coming to PC via Steam this fall. A console version (PS4 and Xbox One) will ship if the game does well on PC.


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