Xera: Survival Currently Set To Hit PC Via Steam In 2018

Publisher and developer Spotted Kiwi Interactive had an unsuccessful run on Kickstarter, but that didn’t stop the team from further developing Xera: Survival. The failed Kickstarter game that replaces zombies with robots in an open world survival setting, like DayZ, will release this year for PC via Steam Early Access.

The indie dev team wanted $23,816 on Kickstarter and didn’t even make the halfway mark of said goal. However, that didn’t stop Spotted Kiwi Interactive from getting a playable build out of Xera, which is supposed to release sometime in 2018.

No new trailer has surfaced, but the dev team has updated Xera’s Steam Early Access page containing the old cinematic trailer, showing off a batch of screenshots and listing the following description:

“XERA: Survival is an open world humanoid-apocalypse multiplayer survival game. In a world controlled by humanoid robots, players have to scavenge the world to find supplies to survive – not only against the humanoids, but also other players.”

As you’d expect, Xera opts for open world PvP and PvE experiences where other players can kill you and steal your loot or vice versa. Weather effects are in the game, joined by a full day and night cycle.

Moreover, although water and hunger are things to worry about, the game will have a cross region inventory coupled with a “Global Inventory” where you can store your items in a Safe Settlement to avoid theft:

“Character inventories are stored on a master server, which crosses over every region and every official server. You can logout of an American server, and have all your items on a European server. This enables players to group up with friends and meet players from all over the world.”

There’s no telling when this game, Xera: Survival, will launch in 2018, but if you’re looking for an open world game shared with other human players and crazy AI/robots lurking around, you can hit up Steam Early Access or xeragame.com.


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