Age Of Gladiators 2: Rome Cheats Give You Infinite Gold, Wealth, Fans

Age of Gladiators 2 Rome Cheats

Creative Storm Entertainment’s Age of Gladiators II: Rome is a unique turn-based gladiatorial game that came out back on August 21st. The game features the ability to purchase slaves, turn them into formidable warriors, and become a legend of the coliseum. If you’re unable to progress through the game based on skill alone, there are some cheats available for you.

You can download the premium cheat trainer for Age of Gladiators II: Rome from over on Cheat Happens.

The trainer contains the following options:

  • Instant Construction
  • Instant Upgrade
  • Instant Research
  • Change Gold
  • Change Wealth
  • Change Fans
  • Change Alignment
  • Change Alignment Points
  • Change Fame
  • Change Level
  • Change Experience Points
  • Change Skill Points
  • Change Combat XP
  • Change Training XP
  • Change Melee Training Points
  • Change Melee Training XP
  • Change Sica Level
  • Change Gladius Level
  • Change Spatha Level
  • Change Stats

So obviously, all of the level changing and XP changing attributes will help with being able to increase and improve your gladiator’s abilities on the fly. Being able to modify how many fans you have and your wealth also helps with becoming more powerful without having to rely on skill and wits alone. On the industrial side… you can use the construction and upgrade cheats to instantly build up your own facilities without having to go through the painstaking task of gathering supplies and waiting for them to be researched, built, and upgraded.

As for Age of Gladiators II: Rome… it’s a tactical strategy game centered around acquiring warriors, training them up, and pitting them against deadly competition within arena battles.

It’s not all that simple, though. There is corruption, betting, and morale to consider as well. If you’re having a tough go of it in the early goings you may find yourself selling out some of your human stock in fixed matches to make some extra coin (though, with a cheat trainer you can sort of bypass this).

You’ll need to acquire supplies for your warriors, such as armor, shields, and swords. And you’ll also need to tactically take control of your fighters in the arena, using wits and strategy through turn-based combat in order to secure a victory.

There are also assassination missions, property purchases, business management, and an entire research meta-game to master.

The reviews for Age of Gladiators II: Rome are quite positive, so if you were interested in the game you learn more by checking out the official website.