Age Of Gladiators II: Rome, Gladiatorial Management Sim Launches on Steam
Age of Gladiators II Rome

Creative Storm Entertainment announced that the strategy management sim set during the height of the Roman empire called Age of Gladiators II: Rome, is currently available on Steam for for $19.99. The game’s first week of launch sees a 10% discount, so you can actually get it for just $17.99.

Alternatively, there’s an Age of Gladiators – Pit Fighter Bundle, which contains the first game and the second game for $29.98, or at a 16% off launch week discount for only $25.18.

The single-player strategy game sees players taking on the role of a gladiatorial manager. You’ll have to scout for new hires, pick out potential pugilists, and train them up to meet a glorious fate at the paws, claws, clubs, or claymores of opposing competitors.

In addition to training up your recruits, you’ll also have to manage their morale and unique personality traits. As you win matches and improve your stable of fighting man meat, you’ll be able to upgrade your gladiator school, research new tech, and take on side-missions.

You can check out the trailer for the game below.

The game is played like a traditional isometric strategy game using turn-based rounds where you need to maneuver your gladiators, avoid getting swarmed, and attempt to use their skills to take out opponents.

The game also features different stats, equipment, and ethnic advantages that each class of fighter can utilize during the arena battles.

If you can make money and gather resources, you can upgrade your ludus with a number of building units, including barracks, armories, workshops, and hospitals.

The game isn’t just about playing honest, though. You can undermine your own stable of slaves by sending them out to die and betting heavily against them. Of course, this will greatly reduce the morale of your stable of men and can harm your reputation going forward.

You’ll also be able to purchase businesses, rob caravans, and even send your gladiators out to fulfill personal requests by wealthy noblemen for a few coin… or two.

The game seems to be quite in-depth, with players having control over the mental and physical health of their warriors, as well as having to purchase weapons and equipment, maintain their warriors’ reputation, and balance the budget to become rich and wealthy.

If you’re interested in a game like that you can pick up a digital copy of Age of Gladiators II: Rome from the Steam store.


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