Apple Has Decided To Delay Group FaceTime And macOS Mojave For iOS 12
ios 12 delay

According to recent reports, Apple has decided to remove both group FaceTime feature and macOS Mojave from its upcoming iOS 12 software which is scheduled to debut in September.

According to Engadget, the release notes for Apple’s latest iOS 12 states that group FaceTime and Mojave developer betas won’t be available in time for the upcoming launch in September. At this time no explanation has been given by Apple for the reason why, reports are stating expect group FaceTime feature and Mojave to ship in a future software update sometime later in the fall.

Apple announced its latest software lineup for the year, which included iOS 12, group FaceTime, and macOs Mojave, along with other features at its annual WWDC 2018 event held back in June. The keynote of the event was unveiling iOS 12 and highlighting its key features; iOS 12 is suppose to be all about performance and optimization, adding support for third-party navigation apps in CarPlay. The software will have smarter notifications, and do not disturb improvements, and Screen Time will allow parents better parental control. For more in-depth information regarding iOS 12 visit

The group FaceTime feature is Apple’s video-calling app that will support group FaceTime with up to 32 participants, this will include an integration for Messaging that is supposed to make it much easier to launch group audio calls. Users will be able to also use Animoji or photos filters within FaceTime calls.

Mojave is Apple’s upcoming operating system that is the successor to macOS High Sierra for Apple’s desktop computers. Mojave will bring several iOS apps to the desktop, which will include: Apple News, Voice Memos, and Home, which is a more comprehensive of “Dark Mode.”

Stay tuned for further updates as information surfaces regarding the announcement of the debut of group FaceTime and Mojave on iOS 12.

Photo Credit: iPhonehacks


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