Arthurian Legends Update Shows Off Weapon Upgrade

The gruesome medieval game that is Arthurian Legends is still alive and kicking. Scolaro Games — the publisher and developer behind the indie title — has shown off a new weapon upgrade, letting fans know that the game is still going strong. Arthurian Legends is still set to release this year for PC.

With Gamescom 2018 dropping information about upcoming games and DLC to come last week (until August 25th), the medieval indie game better known as Arthurian Legends was somewhat drowned out under all the big news.

The good news is that the devs posted a small update on what’s to come, although drowned out, showing that weapons can be upgraded to deal maximum damage to any foe.

You can check out the hand-crossbow that can shoot multiple flaming bolts at enemies right here:

You know what this means? It means that conventional weapons and other things to put baddies down can be upgraded to deal great pain.

If conventional weapons aren’t your thing and you feel that blunt and bladed weapons aren’t cutting it, you are more than welcome to try your hand at magic. You can control hordes of enemies with magical powers that can either freeze enemies or unleash bolts of terror.

Hopefully, the game that resembles 1990’s action titles like Witchhaven and Hexen delivers on the gameplay front, too, when it releases this year.

Speaking of the game’s release, Scolaro Games will accompany the official launch with a game manual. This manual is the first version and introduces the mechanics behind Arthurian Legends. Nevertheless, enemies, weapons, items, controls, and other handy tips and info can be found in the manual as seen on

If you have no idea what Arthurian Legends has to offer, you can see all its first-person glory and decapitation below, which will have you saying to your severed enemies “what are you going to do bleed on me?”


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