Battlerite Royale Closed Beta Sign-Ups Are Live While Community Unrest Simmers

Battlerite Royale

Stunlock Studios announced that the closed beta testing for Battlerite Royale – the cross-breed between a MOBA and a Battle Royale game – will commence during September next month. Ahead of the closed beta test, Stunlock Studios is recruiting gamers by luring them into the sign-up stage for the game.

If you’re interested in participating in the closed beta, you can do so by visiting the Battlerite Royale official website.

They ask some pretty basic questions regarding your play-habits for the game, your region and your e-mail address. Once you get all that mundane stuff out of the way, you’ll be ready to start flagging opponents with your skills and dispatching them in hopes of securing a victory.

To help convince the leery and the skeptical, Stunlock rolled out a gameplay trailer for Battlerite Royale’s Battle Royale mode. You can check out the new trailer below.

Much like other Battle Royale games, you start the match by falling in from the sky. Unlike other Battle Royale games, though, you’ll be playing the game from an isometric perspective. Additionally, you’ll still use the skills and tactics commonly associated with the standard MOBA-style of play from Battlerite, except instead of taking towers and using teamwork, the objective is to take out your fellow players and become the last one standing.

Obviously not everyone is happy with the whole Battle Royale addition to Battlerite.

As evident with the like to dislike ratio and the comments, the biggest issue many have is that they feel like Stunlock is trying to double-dip by making longtime fans pay for the Battle Royale mode.

As one gamer points out, dividing the community by separating Battlerite into two games will could potentially result in both games dying.

It’s a risky move by Stunlock, and sometimes defying your community doesn’t always pay off (as so many other developers have learned in the past, like with The Culling) but there is still time to rectify the situation, assuming the metrics are telling Stunlock that it needs to be rectified. We’ll find out when the closed beta gets underway this September.

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