BattleRush 2 New Trailer Shows Off Destruction And Soviet Gameplay

Thunder Devs are adding to the growing list of World War 2 online shooters, with the latest game in the sub-genre being BattleRush 2. The game doesn’t look graphically impressive, but it does offer full-on destruction in its latest Soviet focused gameplay trailer.

Firstly, BattleRush 2 is said to release on PC via Steam in the next three days. So if you want to jump in and see what the game has to offer in the overly-crowded WW2 online shooter space, well you don’t have long before it becomes publicly available on Early Access.

The only difference here with BattleRush 2 compared to other multiplayer WW2 shooters is that while playing as a Soviet or German soldier, you must scavenge a 25 km2 map of eastern Europe. Additionally, the game takes a page out of the ever-growing battle royale genre where players must look for weapons, supplies, food, and water.

The most interesting part that’s going for this game is the so-called “complete destruction of any objects” on the map. According to the game’s official Steam page, destructible elements consist of props, fences, trees, rocks, houses, towers, and “more.”

Anyway, you can be the judge and see what BattleRush 2 offers gameplay wise thanks to YouTuber WildeJagd.

Furthermore, it looks like you will be able to build up your own defenses on the frontlines of the second world war in that the official Steam page lists “create your defensive line using a variety of options.” This means that you can build bunkers, towers, and stationary guns.

In addition to crafting, which is found in your typical survival indie sim, images of tents, sandbags and other things to keep you from being shot at or dying are shown, too.

To explain BattleRush 2 in simple terms, take a WW2 Soviet Vs. German setup, take the scavenging from a battle royale game, and a survival sim’s crafting and thirst system, and mix it all together with destructible environments and you have this game.

BattleRush 2 is set to hit PC on August 28th. You can learn more about this game by paying its Steam Early Access page a visit.

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