Bee Simulator Coming To PC, PS4, Xbox One, And Switch This Fall

Pull out all of your Bee Movie memes and jokes on the ready, because there’s a new game by Varsav Game Studios attempting to resurrect the 2007 movie through Bee Simulator. Yes, if you want to play as a bee you will be able to do so this fall on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

If you are a fan of playing animals in simulators, or you enjoy memes like “The Bee Movie trailer but every time” kinda of stuff, then you’ll probably fancy the sweet honey in the following trailer.

You can “bee” the judge and see if the official description and trailer are a “stinger” or not by taking a look right here:

“Bee Simulator is coming to PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch! See the world through the eyes of a bee! Compete with other bees in races, collect pollen, perform waggle dances, and explore a world inspired by Central Park in New York. Play it with your family or friends, choosing between three modes, including co-op and vs. split-screen.”

In Bee Simulator you may think the world around you is golden sweet, but behold, the world of bees is not as carefree as one may think. Wasps will take any chance to ruin your plans. You also have a stinger, so don’t hesitate to use it on low life Wasps or human beings.

Other features in Bee Simulator aside from stinging things consists of traveling a macro scale world from the micro perspective of a honeybee, traveling a realistic representation of a place inspired by Central Park, and the ability to interact with the surroundings like people, animals, plants, and other insects.

And lastly, there are three modes to explore such as the story mode featuring quests, the exploration mode, and a split-screen mode — which can be either used for cooperation or competition.

Again, Varsav Game Studios plans on shipping Bee Simulator to PC via Steam (which means mods of any type are in the equation), PS4, Xbox One, and Switch this fall.


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