Biomutant 19 Minutes Of Gameplay Shows Off Customization And Combat

THQ Nordic and Experiment 101 are looking to release the strange yet interesting Biomutant sometime in the summer of 2019. Although that’s a long ways from now, 19 minutes of gameplay footage has surfaced showing character customization and combat ahead of launch.

Biomutant may have been announced on August 21st, 2017, and although the title won’t ship until mid-2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, curious gamers looking to see what THQ Nordic and Experiment 101 have to offer can take advantage of this very moment.

The latest footage showing Biomutant’s quirky yet strange atmosphere does more than just that, though. The new gameplay video explores a myriad of combat scenarios, even going as far as showing new abilities and mechs.

In addition to the new Gamescom footage, viewers are treated to the character customization screen where you can pick two genders, your fur pattern, fur color, and so on. You can get a nice look at the game right here courtesy of GameSpot.

I’m sure folks who like gun and blade while playing as a whimsical anthropomorphic entity will enjoy Biomutant, especially if action-adventure RPG elements are something that you fancy.

Moreover, the story behind this game sees a plague ruining the land and the “Tree-of-Life” bleeding death from its roots. The tribes around the land are said to grow divided seeking someone strong to unite them or bring them all down. I’m not sure if players will be able to turn everything upside down, but surely the devs behind this game will offer more info on this moving forward.

Last but not least, THQ Nordic will bring Biomutant and other games under said publishing label to PAX West, which is set to go live late August. If you are interested in this game and what it has to offer, you can learn more about Biomutant by visiting


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