Black 47, Irish Revenge Film Has One Of The Most Badass Trailers Of 2018
Black 47 Movie

A revenge tale-period drama set during the famine of Ireland. That’s what Black 47 is. The trailer for Premiere Picture’s bleak and gritty historical retelling of the great famine of 1847 is absolutely gripping from start to finish, and the finish… oh boy does the trailer finish strong.

This is the kind of manly movie that we’ve been lacking in recent times. It’s chock full of raw grit, and unbridled angst featuring characters who seem to truly embody the rage, the suffering, and the calculated spite directed towards the British oppressors who made dire times hell on Earth for the Irish.

The film follows an Irish Ranger played by James Frecheville who returns home from war only to lose his home, lose his belongings, and loses his brother to the British occupiers.

Black 47 - Two Guns

The fighting Irishman decides to go full-on Punisher on the British, exacting some sweet, sweet violence their way. And no, I’m not just talking about killing them and being done with it, he literally punishes them for the unspeakable sins wrought from their marmoreal application of a prejudiced and disgusting display of British “justice”.

You can check out the trailer below courtesy of New Trailer Buzz.

It’s not all starvation and bullet-bathed bodies dancing direly across the screen, though. The Irish anti-villain is set upon by a bounty hunter and former army captain played by Hugo Weaving. A cat and mouse game ensues and to the victor goes an unfitting life of pain and suffering.

This isn’t one of those action-packed films where the hero is fighting nobly with the weight of a moral world at his back, this is a tale about an embittered soldier righting unquestionable wrongs with unspeakable acts. This is a wayworn man who has been pushed so far to the edge that he walks on the precipice of purgatory, wearing the souls of the damned like a fashion statement that smites the grim reaper with envy.

Black 47 - Irish Ranger

This looks like the kind of movie that etches itself into the fabric of your being and stays there rent-free. Hopefully the film is as good as the trailer makes it look because this is definitely going on my watchlist.

You can look for Lance Daly’s Black 47 to make its way to viewing receptacles “soon”… whatever that means.


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