Marketing Concepts For 5G OnePlus 7 Already Underway
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Even though the company of OnePlus smartphones just launched its latest flagship OnePlus 6 in May 2018, the company has already started its marketing campaign for the upcoming 5G mobile smartphone which will probably be named the OnePlus 7. At this point the Chinese based company which is located in Shenzhen, China, is all about marketing and promoting 5G for its upcoming smartphone.

Majority of the information that is circulating is based off of marketing concept and rumors, from the specifications to the launch date, as of yet, nothing is concrete. Let’s talk about rumors on what is expected regarding the 5G smartphone, some rumors are stating the name may not be called One Plus 7, but for the article sake, let’s call the next flagship 5G One Plus 7.

According to Forbes, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau is hoping to make a change in how the company markets in the US, instead of consumers buying OnePlus smartphones direct in one large payment, the company will work through a US cellular provider in 2019, not sure if this method is being taken because the 5G device will need a cellular provider to operate and/or the steep cost of purchasing it, some rumors are stating the cost will state close to what the current OnePlus 6 cost that starts at $529, while some rumors state at least $100 dollars more. As stated in a recent article posted here on One Angry Gamer, 5G mobile phone makers are all trying to introduce their version of the first 5G smartphone.

It seems the size of the OnePlus 7 varies from 6-inches to 6.4-inches, all agree the handset will be Android based probably running 9.0 P. Rumors also state the mobile will come in 4 colors – Black, Gray, White and Red, with a Gorilla Glass with front and rear glass, it seems all agree a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor the size of it varies from 835 to a 855, I’m leaning toward the 855, and the battery ranges from 3200 – 3500mAh non-removable, with 8GB and/or 10GB RAM.

The camera information varies also, it could sport dual rear 20mp and/or a 16 or 20mp front camera. states the notch might disappear, look for face unlock, gesture unlocks, and possible fingerprint reader and a release date in June 2019. Check-out AndroidLeo YouTube Concept Video of the sleek 5G OnePlus 7 smartphone.

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