Control Dev Diary Covers The Chronically Changing Environments Of The Oldest House

The upcoming game Control has one of the most easiest-to-forget names for any of the upcoming games due out for home consoles and PC. The game itself is somewhat interesting, combining elements from Men in Black, X-Com and The Killing Room.

Remedy Entertainment released a new developer diary for Control, covering the game’s most interesting story element, the Federal Bureau of Control. In a way, I think that as a name for the title would have been really intriguing, but I can already imagine the whippersnapper, fast-talking, soy-drinking, beard-wearing, problem-glasses sporting hipsters from the marketing department loudly proclaiming that the game needed something “hip” and “cool” and “snappy” in order to lure in the young kids and that effervescent phantom audience that marketers have been chasing for the last half decade.

Anyway, you can check out the new developer diary below, covering the Federal Bureau of Control.

Sam Lake, the creative director for the game, explains that the game is set within the confines of the Federal Bureau of Control – a building towering above all other buildings like some sort of obelisk that deigns reverence from all other structures that meekly sit beneath it. This giant concrete slab of architectural intimidation is known as “The Oldest House”, and it’s mirrored after the brutalist architecture movement from Germany.

Remedy explains that the idea behind the structure of the Oldest House is that it’s about mirroring an unforgiving nature of order and uniformity. It looks bleak, and sterile, and very controlled.

The reason for this design is to contrast it with the chaos that takes place within from a group known as The Hiss. Things begin to change even more as the world within the Oldest House shape and move and shift and transform.

Later in the dev diary we also see a bit more about how The Federal Bureau of Control works, and how they collect a lot of paranormal objects and contain and attempt to control them. This aspect of the game reminds me a lot of Cabin In The Woods.

This follows up on the previous dev diary, which covered the gameplay concepts for Control.

In the dev diary about the gameplay, the team explained that they’ve been working on something that offers gamers the most expansive gameplay in Remedy’s history. A lot of this is due to the fact that the Oldest House has a lot of areas for players to traverse in an almost Metroidvania fashion, with backtracking and the ability to open up new routes and hidden secrets.

You can look for Control to launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC starting in 2019.


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