Crytek Lawsuit Against Cloud Imperium Games Moves Forward
Star Citizen

According to recent court documents made available on DocDroid reveal that the court will not be granting many of the motions for dismissal by Cloud Imperium Games.

HardOCP does a brief rundown of the news, explaining that the relationship between Crytek and Cloud Imperium Games has soured over the years and now Crytek is suing CIG for breach of contract.

BluesNews goes a step further, pulling highlights from a thread made by game developer Derek Smart, which goes through the motions that the court have denied and granted CIG regarding the lawsuit.

The court denied the dismissal of all causes of action alleged against Roberts Space Industries, but it did grant the dismissal of the motion that CIG was breach of the contract in section 2.1.2 regarding the “exclusive” grant to embed the CryEngine into Star Citizen.

The court denied the dismissal for the cause of action for breaching the contract of the game license agreement regarding the unauthorized use of the engine for Squadron 42, citing the California Civil Code section 1655 in relation to 6.1.4 of the game license agreement.

The court also denied Cloud Imperium Games’ dismissal for the copyright infringement claim by Crytek, and also denied the request to dismiss Crytek’s prayers for relief regarding monetary damages, injunctive relief, attorney’s fees, and statutory damages, but granted the dismissal for punitive damages.

And the request for the court to strike the allegations in paragraph 15 of the FAC was also denied.

Typically, some people are saying this will be the end of Star Citizen (although some have been saying this since 2012) while others are saying this just a bump in the road and a death cry from Crytek as the company continues to fold under.

It seems like a complete toss-up at this point, but some of Crytek’s claims seemed suspect when the lawsuit popped up back in December of 2017. Cloud Imperium Games attempted to assuage some of the concerns over the lawsuit by releasing a document of the GLA to point out some of the flaws in Crytek’s argument, and proceeded to request the court dismiss most of the claims, but it appears the court wasn’t so willing to go along with CIG’s requests.

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