Curdled Milk, Oversleeping Threaten Kingdoms of The Dump
Kingdoms of Dump

I’m warning you, the garbage/junk/dump/trash puns, references and allusions are quite abundant on this SNES-type RPG.

Cannister Dustin Binsley was a regular Garbage Knight in training who by some unspecified act of providence, is appointed squire to one King of the Lands of Fill. The King throws a feast but Binsley stays up past bedtime in favor of curdled milk, oversleeps, and wakes up to find his benefactor kidnapped.

Kingdoms of the Dump – Trash Trailer

Hey Dumplings! Kingdoms of the Dump teaser trailer has finally arrived! A snes-styled RPG with platforming elements. Brave dank, dangerous dungeons, face-off against filthy, fearsome foes, and train to be tough enough to tackle the Toxic Grimelin army! Music by William Kage. and follow us on twitter and instagram!

Posted by Kingdoms of the Dump on Saturday, July 21, 2018

Now the subject of the kingdom’s ire, the young dustbin sets out from Garbagia’s Trashmounds on a quest that takes him across bizarre lands, funky puzzles and a climactic battle at the Falls of Faucet.

Sounds daunting, I agree, yet thankfully Binsley has up to five partners willing to partake in his adventure; from his dagger-wielding rat of a best friend Ratavia to a stink bug named Musk. Even a disowned musical instrument with no discernible skill called Lute.

The fun part is that players might promptly switch between these at any time through the game’s exploratory segments. Apart from the individual perks to combat these might obviously render, each character will also have a unique assortment of stuff they could do in the field.

The world’s big enough to warrant the inclusion of an airship for travel, attempts to build upon the flaws of the RPG’s of old, and provides for plenty of elevations/jumps all over that come packed with collectables of the secret sort.

Flying around the Lands of Fill

Flying around the world map in the old junker airship.

Posted by Kingdoms of the Dump on Monday, May 7, 2018

Of course plenty of on screen enemy encounters too that are in no way random, and yet turn-based in nature with elements of timed hits, strategic character placement and supposedly more. I’ve even seen Binsley shapeshift into a Gattling Gun on one such fight.

Anyhow the entire sequence of events might end upon a confrontation with this grizzly 8-ball.

The music’s great and Roach Games has a sense of humor; I’d say Twitter looks to be their most interactive means of comms ahead of what looks like a planned Kickstarter for Kingdoms of the Dump; PC, Mac. Possibly console.


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