Daemonical, Asymmetrical Horror Game Enters Into Early Access On Steam

Croatian development studio Fearem and publisher Gamifier recently announced that Daemonical, the asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, is currently available in Early Access on Steam for $14.99. The game is similar to titles like Friday The 13th: The Game and Dead By Daylight. Except the big difference between Daemonical and the other two games is that players are encouraged to work together right from the start while one player is possessed by a demon and attempts to sabotage the rest.

It features five players who must perform a ritual to send a demon back to hell while trapped on a mysterious island. One of the five players will be possess, forcing them to work against the better interests of the other teammates. The possessed player will attempt to murder the other four before they’re discovered. The idea is to race against time, as the four other players must subdue and exorcise the demon before dawn, and the demon must kill all members of the human party before dawn.

The dynamic of the game is that in order to perform the ritual and exorcise the demon, players must gather up supplies scattered around the island. These supplies randomize during each playthrough, so there’s no distinct way to cheat the system.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

The game plays hard and heavy on trust.

With the demon’s ability to hop around and possess different characters, it creates a completely dynamic and emergent gameplay loop where you’ll need to either band together and find the items to complete the ritual quicker, or split up and make it harder for the demon to possess someone and kill the group.

I honestly think the whole dynamic would have played out far more intensely if there were eight players instead of five. But then again maybe the matches in Daemonical are aimed at playing through fast and quick instead being long and drawn out.

The game features player customization, dynamic day and night system, a procedurally generated map with random item placements, tools and weapons to collect, and non-linear gameplay.

You can learn more about Daemonical or read the user reviews by checking out the Early Access page. According to the developers, they plan on keeping the game in Early Access for up to a year, so don’t expect to see the full release until fall, 2019.


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