DayZ Sign-Ups Are Live For Closed Preview Testing On Xbox One
DayZ Xbox One

Bohemia Interactive announced that DayZ’s closed preview testing on the Xbox One is happening soon. The developers have opened up the sign-up phase so that you can be one of the first of 5,000 to jump into the preview for DayZ on the Xbox One.

It’s about six years late to the survival sim genre, but I suppose Bohemia is still going to try to grab whoever they can for the console version of the zombie survival sim. On August 17th, 2018 they announced that the closed preview sign-ups have just opened up.

Simply click through the link in the tweet and it will take you to the sign-in portal. If you can’t access the link through the tweet, simply click on the Xbox DayZ link here.

You’ll need a Bohemia Interactive account before you can sign-up for the closed preview. So if you don’t have an account with Bohemia Interactive, you’ll have to make one.

Once you get done doing that, THEN you can finally sign-up for the preview.

Over on the Steam website they confirmed that they’re still working on beta iterations of DayZ, and will be stress testing the game on both PC and Xbox One.

DayZ - Bodies

Eugen Harton, the lead producer explained…

“Some of you might have noticed an increased commotion around the Xbox version of the game. What we are testing now is the same version that you’re seeing on PC Stress Tests. We’re making sure it runs well and provides a gameplay experience that feels good on a controller, and shows good performance. The benefits of the performance work we have done are already enjoyed by a smaller group of players that already have access to the Closed Preview, but there are so many players out there that have been with DayZ for a long time and even more who haven’t had a chance to try this unique experience.”

A lot of gamers are at the point of having written off DayZ, feeling that everything they expected from the game is just long overdue.

At this point we have a dozen and one other survival sims on the market that seems to have fulfilled the role DayZ once occupied.

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