De Blob 2 Will Launch On Nintendo Switch August 28th
De Blob 2

During all the hoopla over de Blob 2 making a return to form for today’s generation of home consoles, it was kind of odd that THQ Nordic and Blitworks skipped over the Nintendo Switch, especially after the original de Blob was re-released for the Switch back in February of this year.

Alongside the release of the first de Blob for the Switch, there was also the release of de Blob 2 for the Xbox One and PS4 in February. Obviously, this left a lot of people wondering if the second game would ever make its way to the Switch? Especially since the game series got its start on Nintendo’s Wii.

Well, after a lot of waiting and plenty of begging from Nintendonites, THQ Nordic announced that de Blob 2 will be released on the Nintendo Switch later this month on August 28th.

Blitworks is also back to work on the port for the second game’s release on the Nintendo Switch, so if you enjoyed what the Spanish game developers pumped out for de Blob, you can expect more of it in de Blob 2.

The game features a single-player campaign where you take on the role of a blob who can change colors. The objective of the game is to repaint the city and bring it back to life by splashing the town with color… literally.

The 3D platformer takes place across 12 single-player levels, or you can team up with another player and make your way through a series of levels with the two-player split-screen mode.

The game will make its way to the Nintendo Switch for the very first time courtesy of THQ Nordic starting August 28th for $29.99.

There isn’t a whole lot of news floating around out there for the decade old series making a return to eighth gen console gaming, but it’s a nice little colorful platformer for gamers who enjoy family-friendly gaming.


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