Deathgarden Early Access Launch And Free Week Starts August 14th

Deathgarden, a product of Behaviour Digital the devs behind Dead by Daylight, will head to Steam Early Access and have a free week special starting on August 14th. Deathgarden will be made available first on PC and will be followed by a console version (PS4 and Xbox One) in early 2019.First, the free week will start on August 14th and will end on August 21st. However, after August 21st, the game will not be free anymore. The new version of the game dropping next week includes the following changes:

  • New mode – Gather and Deliver
  • A new time of day – Night
  • Progression and Customization
  • Main Hub (Locker Room)
  • Two new weapons and one fresh power for the Hunter
  • Two new perks for the Runners

Although I’m not fond of the music selection for the following trailer, you can be the judge and see if Deathgarden’s Early Access trailer is something good, bad or mediocre:

If you want to play the game early, do know that if you’ve participated in the alpha, beta or pre-purchased Deathgarden, you will be invited to play during the “Soft Launch” of Early Access, which starts from August 8th and ends on August 13th.

In addition to the above, progress made during Early Access will carry over to the official release, expected in early 2019 on PC.

“Those who have participated in the Alpha or Beta (plus those who have pre-purchased Deathgarden) are invited to play during the Soft Launch of Early Access, from August 8th-13th. Progression made during Early Access will carry forward to the official release, expected in early 2019 on Windows PC.”

Upon pre-ordering the game now through August 13th for $29.99 at will automatically upgrade you to the Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes:

  • Exclusive Origin cosmetic sets
  • Digital copy of the Deathgarden soundtrack
  • Digital art book

You can learn more about this game by visiting its Steam Early Access page or

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