Dustwind, Post-Apocalyptic Tactical Strategy Game Graduates From Early Access

A real-time tactical strategy game from Dustwind Studios and Z-Software titled after the namesake of the developers called Dustwind, has officially graduated from Early Access and is currently available on Steam right now for $17.99. As is typical of most games that launch, you can get it for 20% off the normal price for only $14.39.

Dustwind originally entered into Early Access in November of 2017, and within just a year the developers managed to finish off the design and launch a fully functional product.

Dimitri Zaitsev, the creative director on the project, mentioned in the press release that the game is all about getting good and becoming proficient at taking down both NPCs and other players…

“Dustwind is all about real-time tactical combat in a grim post-apocalyptic setting, creating uniquely balanced characters, and making your opponent´s heads explode in so many hilarious ways. Have you ever seen someone being shot with a plunger to the face or kicked off a sniper tower by an armored dog? You will in Dustwind! Happens every day…


“You can play various MP game modes with or against your friends, or play Solo missions against the environment. Which will eat you alive if you aren´t careful and coordinated. This is where it gets REALLY tactical. But don´t worry, you can always come back with another character build & strategy (or more plungers) and eventually, you will prevail against the 100 or so computer-controlled Raiders.”

You can see what Dustwind plays like with the launch trailer below.

The game is like a cross between Crash & Burn, Mad Max, Diablo, Fallout and DarkEden.

You’ll duke it out in a post-apocalyptic environment where combat takes place in real-time, so you’ll have to think fast and think on the fly. This means that you can’t stop and dilly-daddle about as raiders attempt to blow your spleen through your spine and blast your trachea through your rectum.

You can see in the video above that combat is fast and fluid and you’ll be able to seamlessly switch between melee weapons and projectile weapons.

You’ll also have the ability to drive vehicles around and roll over enemies. Much like Fallout‘s V.A.T., system, you can target specific body parts to do maximum damage.

And if you get bored, you can also create your own maps using an isometric map creation toolset not unlike DOOM’s SnapMap.

Dustwind - Straight White Male

But wait! There’s more!

You can also customize and create your very own character perfectly suited for post-apocalyptic survival. And yes, you can create straight, white males.

I know it’s a sad and pathetic time we live in where the sociopolitical climate is so rife with toxic-minded activists that you actually have to confirm that the developers didn’t remove straight, white male options from the game, but alas, here we are.

This seems like the kind of game that would really appeal to people who really love grimy post-apocalyptic action games, and wanted something that seemed like a crossbreed between Hellgate: London and Diablo.

If you’re interested in Dustwind you can pay a kind visit to the Steam store page to learn more about the game.


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