Fishing Sim World Launches September 18th For PC, PS4, Xbox One

Fishing Sim World

Dovetail Games released a new gameplay trailer for Fishing Sim World attempting to promote the game like some kind of AAA fishing sim. I’m not even kidding, it has a catchy drum ‘n bass house tune playing over a collection of in-game shots showing the different kinds of fish you can catch and the tolls you’ll use to do it.

As depicted in the trailer, you’ll have a variety of boats and fishing gear to use across different lakes that you’ll be able to traverse like a sandbox environment.

In a recent press release Dovetail announced that those who pre-order the digital deluxe edition will be able to access the game several days early starting September 14th instead of September 18th like everyone else.

Additionally, the deluxe edition comes with 20,000 tackle points to purchase equipment, along with customization gear such as hoodies, t-shirts and caps, and specialized fishing wardrobes. You’ll also gain access to a lure set and a gold deluxe edition boat.

I’m not sure why anyone want to pre-order to access the game several days early and not just wait for the release, but anyway they rolled out a new gameplay trailer to give you a look at the new and improved visuals, as well as the boat physics and locations you’ll be visiting throughout your fishing expeditions.

While the game looks graphically appealing, the one thing I worry about is how the deluxe edition points will play a role in the multiplayer aspects? They don’t detail how the multiplayer is setup, but they do state that there are multiplayer modes and live tournaments. In a way, wouldn’t everyone who pre-orders the game’s deluxe edition and gain access to the 20,000 tackle points have an advantage over everyone else who doesn’t? Would being able to buy high-end gear right out of the box not give them an advantage during live tournaments? Or am I missing something here?

The full game will supposedly feature improved fish AI (yes, even more improved than Call of Duty: Ghosts), and dynamic weather and water conditions. You’ll have to make choice decisions when it comes to the bait you use, and pick your fishing rods wisely.

Fishing Sim World is scheduled to launch for Xbox One, PS4 and PC for $39.99 starting September 18th. Those of you who acquire the digital deluxe edition will have to pay out $44.99 but you’ll gain access to the game four days early on September 14th.

More details about the game can be perused over on the official Fishing Sim World website.

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