Flotsam Teases a Cozy Grind at Sea

Happy that Pajama Llama Games is still building Flotsam at their own pace as they attempt to steer clear of feature-creep. The city building survival game now has a teaser and a Kongregate Publishing label that wasn’t present last year.

Also happy that Flotsam’s post-apocalyptic world is equally happy and far from the dystopia that’s all the rage these days. In fact that’s not the only thing setting it apart from most other games of the genre; Flotsam is set entirely at sea, wants you focusing on a small-scale community rather than a metropolis of any sort, just so you may know your inhabitants personally.

The crux of the game being that of rebuilding society after yet another deluge. There’s no such thing as land anymore, food equals seafood and/or seaweed depending on your carnivore/vegan lifestyle and freshwater is priority.

To which end you’ll be tasking all drifters you encounter at sea with scavenging many sorts of items from floating debris, wrecks and other old-world relics that happen your way. Once done, these may be used to build various type contraptions for collecting rainwater, hunting supper, cooking it too, mining resources at the bottom of the ocean floor and so on.

Homes and barbeques to unwind too, of course.

Not only is your community constantly moving across the seas all the while, but the environment’s entirely dynamic such that any drifters you encounter are procedurally generated, alongside underwater cities, large reefs teeming with unexplored sea creatures and other obstacles.

Turns out one may even choose to befriend some of these whales and have them contribute to the cozy daily grind.  Really as one would come to expect with a game of this genre, the assortment of gameplay features in development are near endless, and all I’ve typed up this morning is a mere gloss on a very well-maintained TigForum.

One may partake or simply wish-list the game on Steam.


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