Football Manager 2019 Set To Launch On November 2nd For PC, iOS, Android
Football Manager 2019

Sega may have recently announced their GamesCom 2018 lineup and revealed that Football Manager 2019 won’t be playable on the show floor, but they did send out a second press release indicating that the game would be launching later this year during the fall for PC. More specifically, the game will release on PC, iOS, Mac, and Android devices starting November 2nd.

There will be three different iterations of the game made available for the aforementioned devices, including Football Manager 2019 for Mac and PC; Football Manager 2019 Touch for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices; and Football Manager 2019 for mobile devices.

The game will bring some various changes with it to this year’s iteration compared to previous outings. The most obvious change is that the “Manager Man” who has usually graced the front cover of the game is being ousted for a “manager’s eye view” from off the entrance of the pitch in the tunnel, where we see the players running out onto the field, as depicted in the main image above.

They also rolled out a glimpse at the game using some live-action footage of the new manager as he makes his way to a press conference.

Surprisingly, the longtime fans of Football Manager were not displeased with the switch from “Manager Man”. In the age of faux progressivism and outrage-bait culture, one would have expected “Manager Man” to be replaced by someone of “European heritage” that could have very well ticked off the majority of the playerbase. But Sega and Sports Interactive kept it simple and kept it classy.

Over on the Steam store page they rolled out a few more details about the game, including that you’ll be able to take your managerial skills to 50 different countries, tackle up to 2500 clubs, and transfer, scout, market, and train more than 500,000 players and staff. They’ve even managed to acquire the full license for the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 for the 2018 and 2019 season, along with 26 other fully licensed leagues from 11 different countries.

The game will also allow you to see all of the pitch action in real-time with the 3D simulation.

You can look for the game to go live for PC and mobile devices starting November 2nd at the end of the month.


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