Green Man Gaming Says It’s Handling Alex McHugh’s Anti-Gamer Tweets Internally
Green Man Gaming

On July 27th, 2018 Green Man Gaming social media manager Alex McHugh made disparaging tweets against gamers, suggesting that dealing with them with mockery and punching them was the only way forward. The tweet did not sit well with some gamers and they began closing their accounts at the digital distribution outlet, Green Man Gaming. Well, when e-mailing the support staff about account closure, some of the customers received an e-mail response from Matt from Green Man Gaming’s support staff.

I was unable to confirm if it was SVP at Green Man Gaming, Matt Hatton, given that support staff nor the press staff were willing to return e-mail inquiries, but in one of the e-mails shared with us by a reader, Green Man’s Matt told one customer…

“[…] We’ve investigated this matter and discussed it internally with the relevant staff. After much discussion we have been reassured by the individual in question that the tweet he had posted was intended to be between friends sent from his personal Twitter account and unfortunately it was taken out of context. We can confirm that both Gren Man Gaming and the individual do not support or endorse violence against individuals or groups of individuals in any way at all. We’re sincerely sorry if this has affected you and we’ve taken appropriate steps internally.


“Green Man Gaming is committed to being a responsible store and community platform that is for everyone who wants to game, no matter the colour, creed, nationality, or gender. We love games, and we love people who love games.”

The tweet in question was posted on Alex McHugh’s public Twitter account, where he has in his bio that he works as the social media manager for Green Man Gaming. The tweet is still archived for perusal.

The tweet was on one of multiple Twitter threads made by VG 24/7 journalist Alex McKeand, who – along with other game journalists and PR managers from video game development studios such as the Polish outfit Techland and Hazel Monforton from Arkane Studios – ridiculed and belittled gamers.

Green Man Gaming is just one of various gaming outfits that have targeted gamers, with having referred to anyone who prefers ethical media journalism as people who were part of an “abusive movement”.

Others like the executive director of MAGFest have also targeted gamers, telling them not to show up at the next MAGFest event after they criticized the upcoming DOOM movie.

It’s just part and parcel of the current landscape of gaming where game journalists and many game companies hate their audience and the people who keep them in business.

(Thanks for the news tip Elilla Shadowheart)


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