GRIS, Side-Scroller With Water-Painting Aesthetic Announced For PC, Nintendo Switch

Nomada Studio’s Gris was recently announced by Devolver Digital. The game is scheduled to make its debut on the Steam store and the Nintendo eShop this December for PC and Nintendo Switch.

The debut trailer for the game is an ethereally rendered showcase of artistic delight. The trailer is only a minute and a half long, and features a side-scrolling adventure using a mixture of minimalist backdrops set against water-painted foreground and interactive objects. This creates a rather striking dynamic between the main character and the rest of the environments, almost like a more fantastical rendition of Limbo, but with color. You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what the puzzle-solving, side-scrolling platformer looks like in action.

Gameplay wise you can definitely see a lot of influences from thatgamecompany’s Journey. The zen-like depiction of the stage layouts, and the way there are splashes of color soothingly mapped throughout the dreamscape levels gives the impression that the developers want gamers to relax while playing as much as they want them to explore what they’re calling an “evocative experience”.

The game takes place in a serene-like world where a girl named Gris most explore a painful experience in her life. You’ll have to unlock new abilities by navigating through the young girl’s sorrow, which will be reflected in her dress. As you progress you’ll be able to unlock new pathways granted you to from the new abilities, almost like a Metroidvania.

The gameplay description notes that there are a lot of “optional” challenges, and ligt puzzles to solve along the way, making the world more accessible as you progress further into the story.

If you’re into zen-like games with relaxing music and surrealistic visuals with a painterly aesthetic, you might enjoy Gris. You can keep an eye on the game for its December release by wishlisting it over on the Steam store page, or by following Devolver Digital’s social media channels.


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