Hell Warders, Co-op Tower Defense Game Launches This Fall For Switch, PS4, Xbox One
Hell Warders

PQube announced that they have a new tower-defense game on the way for Xbox One, PS4, PC and the Nintendo Switch called Hell Warders. The game is scheduled to launch this fall for the aforementioned systems, offering gamers several heroes to play, multiple stages to complete, and both local and online multiplayer.

The theme of the game is that it’s a third-person action title centered around tower defense gameplay. So typically this means that you’ll be fighting off waves of enemies, leveling up your character and upgrading defensive mechanisms stationed around the level in order to keep the enemies at bay.

Developer Antigravity Game Studios is at the helm of this project, and it’s based on fending off a demonic horde from hell as they attempt to overthrow your army of knights, archers and mages. They released an announcement trailer to give gamers a firsthand glimpse at the upcoming title, which you can check out below.

Visually the game looks passable enough. The real highlight is just how many units can be on the screen at once. Unlike other tower defense games where you simply place down turrets, barriers, or traps, you actually have access to an army budget, and each player can place down actual fighting units at specific locations.

I’m really curious how well this is going to work out on the Nintendo Switch because the screen was filled with enemies and allies at one point, and it seems like it might just burn the little Switch that could into a crisp.

Anyway, beyond all the traps, units, and hacking-and-slashing, there are also boss characters you’ll need to defeat as well.

Antigravity Game Studios have actually been working on this game in Early Access since June of 2017. PQube decided to pick up the publishing rights for the home console versions, so you’ll be seeing the game graduate from Early Access and launch on PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch starting this fall. You can learn more about the game by visiting the Steam store page.


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