Huawei Offers Three Models For The New MediaPad M5 Tablet
MediaPad M5

When most electronic companies are backing away from the tablet world, Huawei has taken a giant leap in releasing not one new tablet this year but three. Wes, Huawei’s new MediaPad comes in three varieties to choose from. Two are the larger version of 10.8 inches, and a smaller version that clocks in at 8.4 inches.

Basically all have the same specifications except for a few special amenities on the 10.8 inch MediaPad M5 Pro. The operating system runs on Android 8.0 – Oreo, and each tablet is constructed out of glass and metal finish, with finger sensor and smooth round edges for holding and easy gripping. There is no headphone jack port, but the USB-C port / adapter allows for users to bring their own headphones. All the tablets run on Kirin 960 possessor, with either 4GB RAM+32GB ROM. Or 4GB RAM+64GB ROM to choose from, and all three offer 64 internal storage with a micro SD slot.

The display resolution is 2560 x 1600 pixels, with dual speakers on the top and bottom of the 8.4 -inch tablet, and both 10.8-inch tablets sport quad speakers on the rear facing of each tablet. Each model has a rear camera with 13mp, F2.2, auto focus, and a front face 8mp, F2.2 fixed focus camera for taking selfies and video chatting. The battery on both 10.8 models is 7500mAh, and on the 8.4-inch model is 5100mAh, with average to heavy usage allowing up to 2-3 days of battery life.

The slight difference between the two 10.8-inch MediaPad M5 tablets is the costs. Also, when it comes to the MediaPad M5 Pro, it comes with a M-pen stylus and a keyboard dock. The standard 10.8 -inch tablet retails for $359.00, and the 10.8-inch Pro tablet retails for $449.00, with the 8.4-inch tablet retailing for $319.00, each tablet is available in the color Space Gray. To order visit :, or

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