Hunt: Showdown Coming To Xbox One Game Preview Program
Hunt Showdown

Crytek announced that the popular and well-received asymmetric PvEvP shooter, Hunt: Showdown, will be making its way to the Xbox One’s Game Preview program. No release date or release window has been set for the release of Hunt: Showdown into the Game Preview for Xbox One game consoles.

According to the press release, Hunt: Showdown will develop simultaneously on PC and Xbox One, with Crytek set to take feedback from gamers in order to iron out some of the gameplay and modify some of the character, weapon, enemy, and stage balances.

The game originally entered into Early Access on Steam back in the first quarter of 2018, and it has been slowly receiving updates and tweaks since then. Some worry about the health of the game’s future given Crytek’s constant bleed-out of money, but that’s a different discussion for a different time.

The German developers have plans on taking the core concept of the game and porting it straight to the Xbox One, this includes the competitive, campaign-driven gameplay that involves up to ten players making up teams of two who must scour the map and attempt to track down clues to unearth a massive boss fight.

The way the game works is that it’s part survival-horror, part mystery, part PvP. As you scour the map for clues you’ll need to be on the lookout for other hunters also looking for clues, which is where the PvP element comes into play. You don’t necessarily have to kill other players, but almost everyone always does.

The survival-horror elements come into play with the different monsters lurking about the infested bayou. There are zombies, there are water serpents, there are cultists, and there are other baddies that go bump in the night… or the day.

Players can modify their loadout to match the kind of play-style that they prefer, using a bunch of weapons and gadgets from the 1920s.

Hunt: Showdown has a great look to it and the theme is really tight and focused, but it lacks a few key elements from being a top-dog purchase. For instance, it needs a focused campaign mode with a streamlined story, and maybe either a dedicated four-player co-op campaign mode or survival mode, or something else more co-op based. This way when the PvP dies down or is no longer as populated, there are more modes for single-players or players only interested in a dedicated co-op experience.

As mentioned, no date has been set for Hunt: Showdown appearing on the Xbox One, but you can keep track of when the date will go live by visiting the official website.


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