Infected Shelter Takes Frustrated GameDevs From Gardening to Post-Apoc Murder

I’m not entirely sure these kids should be anywhere near Infected Shelter in the first place.

Pictures 5-8: PixelCon – Indie Grand Pix 2016, Hungary, BudapestWe showed the first public playable demo of Infected…

Posted by Dark Blue Games Ltd. on Monday, November 7, 2016

This is Dark Blue Games Ltd.’s fourth game as an independent studio, the previous falling anywhere within the gardening and non-violent action/adventure mobile genres which were in turn preceded by a full-time stint developing RTS games within the industry.

And yet how one goes from making flower beds to designing 50+ unique character executions is anyone’s guess, although Lajos Nádasi and Zoltán Ruzsányi are pointing fingers at too much Castle Crashers, Rouge Legacy, Binding of Isaac and Dead Cells.

Five executions from Infected Shelter

Five executions from Infected Shelter. It's a violent 2D co-op beat 'em up game in a randomized post-apocalyptic world. Co-op with up to 4 players. Five different playable characters. Like our Dark Blue Games page for the development news, pictures, videos!#infectedshelter #indiegame #indiedev #gamedev #gamedesign #unity3d #madewithunity #screenshotsaturday

Posted by Dark Blue Games Ltd. on Saturday, October 8, 2016

I’ve seen chaps sliced in half by katanas, give and take boots to the face before someone else’s decapitated mug was used to knock out another’s, executed at point-blank with RPG missiles, spiked mallets, shockguns and what not – all before breakfast.

Why? Because post-apocalypse, when all things were supposed to be quiet at the shelter until you find it raided and its inhabitants missing one obscure morning. Now you’re out for vengeance as one of four playable characters against enemy factions and their infected leaders, all of whom happen to be randomly generated en route.

That premise might sound all too familiar and so does the game’s general description; rogue-lite post-apocalyptic action RPG shooter / dungeon brawler it calls itself, while also stating that it’s the 150 blueprints of permanent improvements that make it special and re-playable.

Instead of blandly stacking up loot over progressive runs, Infected Shelter lets you permanently amass new weapons, relics, clothing and over 50 character personality traits that changes how things play out over subsequent attempts.

The wheelchair you might happen upon in the trailer is also one of several active items that could aid in executions; think bottles of booze, big Mexican guitars and pets too. If all that sounds pretty absurd to you, you may also bring over up to three friends to co-op with on Steam later this year.


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