Inlight’s Cinematics Are Not Being Crafted With Mercy

If you’re anywhere near Gamescom, give this wall of text a skip and stop by the Swiss Booth Delegation Hall 4.1 where Sunnyside Games has propped up a booth for Inlight.

Frankly the elevator pitch is nothing to die for especially when it sounds something like mysterious past, tons of skills/abilities/spells, merciless action – shooter and focus, accuracy, patience. Look past that towards some of the game’s media however and you might possibly have a change of heart.

The hand-crafted cinematics, graphics and animations are indeed incredible; they take me back to Cartoon Network and reruns of the animated VHS tapes of the 90’s, yet with such intensity that I’m not sure if I want to watch or play Inlight.

The gameplay is said to be a blend of genres and from what I’ve inferred so far, it rests on a basic system of enemy wave progression. Resist/slay the assortment of creatures thrown at you with three kinds of spells that might not sound very intimidating to your foes, especially when they’re called Bright Beam, Halo Burst and Bright Blast.

With one being a very basic joystick-directed attack while the others aid in more serious crowd control, visually at least these look like they could start a party. Casting any of them costs mana and at least once per run, you’re given the option to sacrifice some blood to reinforce strength, spell, health and mana reserves for a short burst.

In between you’ll be unlocking many mysteries, artifacts, outfits and upgrades, while a dynamic world shifting system promises to spruce things up by transporting you to alternate environments mid-combat, unannounced.

And if the story mode ever turns too frantic, you’ll have alternate difficulty settings and other Arcade/Endless/Training type game modes to play with.

Turns out a Voidmonger called Metnal decides to set loose his underworld upon the island of Az’kalar, obliterate its inhabitants and take away the sun. As one of two survivors, you’ll have to restore balance on either Steam or the Nintendo Switch.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox controller support in case of the former; Insight’s been more than 50% funded in three days.


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