Iron Harvest Alpha 1 Demo Set To Go Live For Backers On August 9th

It would seem like not much information has surfaced regarding King Art Games’ Iron Harvest, right? Well, that doesn’t mean actual hard work isn’t being poured into the RTS game. Just recently, the devs quietly announced that on August 9th “Harvest Alpha 1” demo will go live for backers.

Iron Harvest’s Kickstarter goal of $450,000 has been surpassed greatly as of April 14th, 2018. Successfully raising $1,298,726 with 16,607 backers, the dev team should be well off developing the game with funds accrued from said crowdfunding platform.

Speaking of Iron Harvest’s Kickstarter page, they haven’t updated it in quite some time; they have, however, updated the game’s Facebook page to reflect an upcoming demo test set to go live on August 9th:

“Next Thursday, August 9th 2018, we will release the Iron Harvest Alpha 1 for backers. As we speak, we’re adding the last little features and polishing the demo.


We also play one match after another. It’s a great feeling when everything finally comes together and you can really play. 🙂


If you are not a backer but still want to play Alpha 1 next week, you can pre-order Iron Harvest here:”

On August 6th, the devs also released this post on Facebook telling fans and backers of Iron Harvest about “Harvest Alpha 1” demo, which includes base-building (or the basics of it):

If you have no clue as to what Iron Harvest is, the game sees Polania, Rusviet, and Saxony fighting it out, where base building and destructible environments are more than present and will play a pivotal role in any offensive or defensive maneuver. The RTS game in question can be thoroughly looked over via this gameplay footage right here:

You can learn more about Iron Harvest and its Kickstarter campaign by heading on over to or Lastly, the game will debut sometime in 2019 across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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