JBL Link View Smart Display With Google Assistant Available For Pre-Order

JBL Google Assistant

The company JBL (known for its audio sound devices) is not as popular and well known as its counterparts like Samsung, Apple and Amazon for producing smart display assistant speakers, but recently the company just made its JBL Link View Smart Display for pre-orders through its website at jbl.com.

The company plans to start shipping out the device around September 3rd. The JBLvoice activated speaker with Google Assistant will retail for $249.95.

The JBL smart speaker measures 13x 5.9 x 39 inches, with a 8-inch HD display touch screen, and a resolution of 1280 x 720. The two 10-watts stereo speakers on both sides of the front screen along with a rear-facing passive radiator for deeper bass with its Harman roots provide clarity, and vibrant sounds. Plus 24-bit HD audio streaming gives the high-quality wireless Bluetooth streaming that top quality output. The built-in Chromecast allows users to enjoy their favorite music, radio, or podcasts directly from a mobile device and stream it to the JBL smart display speaker.

With such good sound quality, this is where the JBL screen display comes in handy, allowing the user to use the display for clear crisp sound video calls with the 5mp front facing camera. Additionally, the device can be used with assisting in other audio tasks. Want privacy from the camera and mic? Switch the privacy option to mute, and this will mute both the camera and microphone.

Want help managing daily task? Just start by saying “Hey Google”, from inquiring about the weather, to sports, up-to-date news, step-to-step recipes to follow, or ask for driving direction while listening and viewing the map. Basically it’s the same as using Google Home voice command.

Ambient.com states users can also view photos via Google Photos, as well as watch YouTube. To pre-order or to read more about the JBL Link View Smart Display visit the official JBL.com website.

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