Lenovo Smart Display With Google Assistant Just Launched In July
Lenovo Smart Display

The Lenovo Smart Display was announced at the 2018 CES back in January. The Smart Display works along with Google Home as the built-in assistant. Actually the only main difference between the Google Home and the Lenovo Smart Display is the actual display, which now allows users to visually see the content on screen.

The Lenovo Smart Display recently made its debut in late July in the US. The Smart Display is available in two sizes, a 10.1-inch retailing for $249, and a smaller 8-inch retailing for $199. Both devices are touch-screen and are meant to be stationary with built-in stands. Both Smart Displays are quite similar beside the size and a few other amenities which will be discussed as we go along.

The larger 10.1-inch Lenovo Smart Display has a rectangular shape with a white facing and a bamboo backing. The two front side speakers are 2-inches with powerful 10W full-range speaker with dual passive Tweeters that supports multi-room audio, which produces a crisp, clear sound.

The large bright full HD display has a resolution of 1920 x 1200, offering a wide-angle viewing, which is great for viewing with a crowd, it comes with a Qualcomm Home Hub platform Snapdragon 624, with an Octa-Core A53 1.8 GHz, 14nm chip. The microphone is 2 x 2 with dual microphone arrays, and comes with up to 2GB of RAM. it also allows for rotating view with a 86 degree wide angle and sports a front 5mp wide angle camera, which has a mute switch for turning off.  Video calling is also available with 720p, and Bluetooth support.

The smaller 8-inch Lenovo Smart Display has a rectangular shape with a white facing, but without a bamboo backing, instead it comes with a smooth gray backing. The smaller size has a front side .75-inch with 10W full range speaker, with 2 x passive Tweeters, to support multi-room audio, with a resolution of HD 1280 x 800, and a rotating view of 86-inches wide angle, 5mp wide angle camera and video calling is also available, just the same as the 10-inch 720p. As far as the processor, surprisingly it’s the same as the larger Smart Display, a Qualcomm Home Hub Platform Snpdragon 624, Octa Core A53 1.8 GHz 14, with up to 2GB of RAM.

Just like the Google Assistant, just say “ Hey Google” and you can ask for the weather, news and sports reports, directions, or customize routines. The difference between the Google Assistant and the Lenovo Smart Display is that you actually get a display view as you listen to your request, and it can easily connect to all other Google connected services as well. It’s now easier to request for a recipe, and actually view step-by-step how to guides to the end. If a smartphone is linked to the Smart Display users can make phone calls with hands-free video calling, the option to rotate the display from landscape and portrait mode is also available.

Additionally, the Lenovo Smart Display can’t install apps. From my perspective that would have been a nice feature to have on the Smart Display, maybe in the near future.

Source: Lenovo.com

Photo Credit: Au.pcmag.com


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