Motohiro Okubo Touches On Soul Calibur VI Demo, Online Beta, Frame Counter And More

In recent news surrounding Soul Calibur VI, avid fighting game fan and Soul Calibur enthusiast Kayane had the chance to interview producer Motohiro Okubo at EVO 2018. The interview touches on the fighting game’s stage of development, balancing, post-launch content/updates, in-game frame data, an online beta, and an open demo.

Before breaking down highlights of the interview, you can look over the video that KayaneTV posted right here that clocks in at 14 minutes in length:

For starters, Soul Calibur VI development is near the end. In other words, the game is almost complete and is going through polish as we speak. In addition, we also learn that there are no current collaborations with other companies regarding guest characters just yet — besides Geralt being an on-disc guest character.

Speaking of development, Okubo and the team are fixing up the game so that in 2 or 3 weeks time they can have a burned disc to play internally. Hopefully, development continues on this track so that it can meet its mid-October release.

As for early gameplay footage seen at E3 2018, it is said that gameplay footage was made specifically for the event. Additionally, that build does not represent the actual state Soul Calibur VI is in now, which features minor tweaks and changes.

According to the interview, the final build of the game is believed by Okubo to be the greatest build of Soul Calibur VI. However, patches will be sent out if players find issues after launch.

Later in the interview when Kayane asked Okubo about a playable demo, he said that he would like to seed one to the public as well as an online beta test for Soul Calibur VI, but it’s not confirmed if Bandai Namco and crew will release those things before launch.

Lastly, at this stage, no in-game frame counter is planned. When further pressed on the matter, Okubo said the inclusion of a frame counter might happen at a later time.

Soul Calibur VI is set to release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 19th, 2018.

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